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Simpson London

Founded by Robert Simpson in 1997, he opened his eponymous atelier after having spent many years as the director of an esteemed British leather brand and manufacturer. Bringing with him the skills and knowledge of time-honoured traditional craftsmanship, Mr Simpson established a brand dedicated to creating exquisite, enduring and functional leather goods.

Built upon the aesthetics of bespoke and distinctively heritage, the Simpson London label stands for impeccable quality, refined design and the highest level of workmanship.


Established in 1898, Rapport is a leading UK manufacturer of luxury automatic watch winders, watch collector boxes, jewellery boxes, pocket watches, leather goods and other horological related products.

From a luxury range of multiple watch winders for single, double and four watch winders, to watch winder cabinets, speciality winders and innovative designs. Rapport London also produces watch collector boxes, display watch cases, luxury clocks and executive watch related accessories.

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