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Lorenzo Villoresi

Lorenzo Villoresi is an independent, self-taught perfumer, who, since 1990, has made an international impression: he is, without doubt, the most celebrated of the 'niche' creators. He has been visited in Florence, on the banks of the River Arno, by people from all over the world to have a personal fragrance created for them.

The perfumes of Lorenzo Villoresi represent a universe where the materials, fragrances and colours of Tuscany meet and harmonise with the spices , essences and influences of the Orient.

Simonnot Godard

Simonnot Godard was established in 1787. Their handkerchiefs and pocket squares are proudly woven and finished in France. They draw on their extensive archives to inspire modern recreations, where the designs can be reproduced, often the fabrics used are no longer available. This has lead them to become specialists in limited editions, which are truly collectors’ items. All Simonnot Godard handkerchiefs and pocket squares are finished with very fine hand rolling.

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